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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The #1 Reason Why Garbage Men Deserve All The Money We Pay Them And More, Even If They Never So Much As Graduated From Kindergarten. Even If They're Illegal Aliens. Even If They're Pedophiles. Even If They're Terrorists:


Crawling on the trash bags in the sealed-tight garbage can.

And I had to take the trash bags to the dump.

And the raccoon-proof can wouldn't fit in the back of the car. So I had to take the you-know-what-riddled bags out of it.

And no matter how many times I dropped the bags on the ground, the you-know-whats wouldn't come off. So I had to bring them with me. In the car.

And in the car, they crawled off.

And I was in Mom's car, which just got detailed in the garage. So all those napkins from all those iced-coffees from all those Dunkin' Donuts runs, that are supposed to be wedged between the seat cushions or blowing all over the floor, were gone.

So I had to pick the you-knows up and toss them...


Here is a picture of puppies:


oldgreymare said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahha - oh ick!

here is a picture of puppies....too funny.

i would tell you the connection of your story with how we found my missing kitten when I was 9 but I'll spare you.

girl ya crap me up..


Jenni said...

Looking at the puppies. Looking at the puppies. Looking at the puppies.

Anonymous said...

The pup on the right sees one you missed

12ontheinside said...

Gee I hope you didn't miss any. They could get into your bed while you're asleep, crawl into your ear, and eat your brain.

Anonymous said...

I need brain bleach and puppies.

oldgreymare said...

The comment fairy had me come back to visit this post, don't know why, very odd and I saw I had written crap instead of crack.....even spell check would not have brain is mushy- it's the damn heat I suppose.