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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Beautiful

I'll be very busy for most of today, and since I'm heading back to Maine tomorrow I might not get a chance to write about it for a while. So if you'll forgive a little self-indulgence on my part (which I know you will, otherwise you wouldn't still be hanging out here ), I'd like to take this August moment to present a bit of classic EGE.

In lieu of a regular post, and apropos of nothing in particular (if you'll pardon my French on both counts) except as a reminder in the midst of all this hair-shaking and table-talk -- a reminder, not least of all, to myself -- of who I am.

For reals.

For those of you new to this game: that For reals up there is a link, to the post I'm talking about, which I want you to read now. Please. It's also here.

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Anonymous said...

I was at Disney World (voted absentee) when that election took place. I was nervous. And we couldn't easily follow what was going on. I remember telling my husband--he won't get elected--not because he is not the right person for the job but because our nation has too many racists who cannot look past his skin. And then I kept thinking about how our nation will handle another old white man, with a stupid woman with big hair and lipstick to run the country. And that Palin woman just won't go away--but that is for another rant another day. So when we woke up and checked out the election results while our little ones were still sleeping and dreaming about pixie dust and Mickey Mouse, I was shocked and proud. I cried because I felt it showed that our nation had come a long way.