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Monday, May 28, 2007

A Manifesto

So, I've decided.

It will take us a few months to save up for the new heating system. Until then, all the cash is spoken for, but therefore my free time is just that -- free.

Rather than spend it all whining about how things never get done around here because big disasters keep popping up, I'm going to put that free time to proper Puritan use.

Every day, from now until July 1st, I resolve to do one thing around this house. One thing that won't cost any money (or let's say won't cost more than a can of 5F5). One thing that I've been meaning to get around to but I've just kept putting off. One small job, or one hour's worth of a bigger job, every single day.

Some days, honestly, it's going to be cleaning -- because I just can't see vacuuming and dusting and mopping and everything and then still spending an hour stripping paint. And one or two days in there I'll have to skip (I'm busy, for example, on the 24th). But other than that? Those doors I never got around to stripping when I did the woodwork -- their shabby-looking days are numbered. That functionally obsolete staircase won't be -- well, it will still be functionally obsolete, but at least it will be clear. The shelves I've wanted to hang in the entryway and the crap still piled out back from the back room construction that's been finished for more than a year -- all that shit is getting done at last.

And then I'll write about it.

I swear to god.

For a month.

Then we'll see how it's going after that...

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Georgetown House said...

Well I've been totally not following this until now because at practically the same time I went into a frenzy of "I'm tired of feeling like we never actually DO something, but we can't spend any money because we just spent it all on a new heating system."

If you've seen my journal in the past few days, you've seen me whine about it. Literally, ow, damn, I hurt kind of whining.

I'll try to get caught up, but I have to be careful about allowing myself too much online time except maybe after midnight: My enthusiasm is waning, and I just want to stop working for a day, or two, or five, or...