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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


The Miracle Worker came yesterday and showed me how to use the pump! So (sorry to those of you who are still where I was yesterday, but) here are some things that have been nothing but wordless (or, rather, wordful) concepts until now...

The new linen closet. Oops, the picture's upside down -- well, you see my point. Especially when compared to..

The scary cubby under the stairs.
Or when compared to (protect the children)...

The Medicine Chest. Why haven't we done anything about this yet in the three years we've been living here? Well, we have plans for the bathroom, number one, which precluded us from doing anything so minor until we were ready. And number two (through a hundred) -- shit just keeps coming up. For example...
Here's what it looks like when you weren't planning on redoing your kitchen but the stove explodes so you have to replace the stove and the stove is only 24" wide so you decide since you're replacing it you might as well get a bigger one and since you're getting a bigger one you have to move the sink and since you're moving the sink you might as well get a dishwasher and... So the left side of the picture is New Kitchen, still unpainted because, well, why paint the new left half when you still have the old right half waiting to be newerized someday? (Oh, and that beer in the lower left? That's mine. Gone now. All drunk up.)
This is a bad picture of a little bit of the bathroom we put in. Looks pretty, doesn't it? See that image in the mirror...?
That's the shelf I finally got around to hanging last weekend. Sat in the corner for a year and a half because I was afraid I couldn't hang it straight. Finally decided fuck it and grabbed the drill. It's not straight, but can you tell?
Functionally Obsolete. And not exactly clear for climbing, either.

Our living room fireplace. The source of all the chimney trouble. Well, that and the freakin' furnace, which I've already written of ad nauseam.
Oh, and this...?

This is the one room that we're proud of. You can't see why we're proud, because I couldn't be bothered to clean it just to take a picture, and I couldn't find an angle to take a picture at where I could show the entire room. But please note the devil eyes on Sister sitting there. She's still wondering where that bleeding mousey went...

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