It's not about the house.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

We interrupt this broadcast...

Hi All -
The magnificent Dr. One-Friend here. E had to go away, something about her Lady and medication and staying over. Blah blah blah. To be honest I stopped listening to the details with E years ago. As you guys have witnessed with this last 5,000 part series about a phone call, E's explanations can get a little long...amusing, but long. 
Anyway, I am pretty sure she apologized for the interruption, and that she would finish the story ASAP (I wouldn't hold my breath though or your end will likely come before the story's end if you do). 
Dr. OF
P.S.  I know all of her secrets and I can be bribed (I'm just sayin'...)


Cake said...

Bribery, huh? Money or food?

*starts plotting...*

Robert said...

This post reminds me of reading Pale Fire when I was never sure who was writing what.

Janice said...

but do you know the end of the story? and how much delphinium seed would it cost me for you to spill it?

Jenni said...

Are you sure there was not a kidnapping by the illuminati? They are tricky like that. (So I hear....)

12ontheinside said...

Dr OF - what do you need to complete the story for us?

Dr. One Friend said...

@cake: who said anything about "or"?

@ Robert:
Novels are read, this poem, um, blew
'Cuz it's by C, and not by EE!

C, Dr. One Friend, evolutionary biochemist, not writer, friend to EE, 2
EE, Erin Ellia, writer extraordinaire, not biochemist, wife of jolly Irishman, employee of crazy Lady, 2

@Janice: 1,000,000 and not one more or less!

@Jenni: Shhhh. I cannot speak of it, but donations for the ransom can be sent to:

@12: I promise to post the end of the story when the bribes arrive. Or maybe later tonight.