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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Caution, Swear Words Coming...

I’m sorry that this isn’t going to be the funniest thing you ever read, but fuck!

I bought the digital camera, and I waited a few days to show you pictures of the actual house because the first picture I wanted to show was going to be of the basement. Which, even after the nor’easter that we had, I didn’t want to jinx anything so I was waiting until the storm was over before I said the place was dry. But it was, it is, for a reason which is a story in itself, and I couldn’t wait to tell it to you because it’s sweet and it has to do with Johnny surprising me with a project I didn’t know he’d organized.

Plus also I had a whole new plan for this blog that I was going to tell you about, which was inspired by a fabulous book I’ve been reading which I don’t know how I managed to miss for the twelve years since it came out (Radio On – look it up).

But today – the first spring day we’ve had here – we were in the yard, and thank god we were because otherwise we might not have noticed all the black smoke spewing from the chimney.

The furnace is shitting the bed.

And you might think: well, at least it’s warm now, and at least you have six months or so until you need your furnace again. But let me just say this: we have a tankless water heater.

This sucks.

Homeownership sucks.

Johnny’s off now to see if the friend who helped us out last fall can give us a quick fix, but in the meantime…

{Here is where I was going to insert a picture of the black smoke spewing from the chimney – but I’ve decided to not risk turning the furnace on again just to get an image of it. That’s got to count for something, right?}


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