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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Look, Baby Goats!

They're not mine. I could have one if I want. I'd have to sell the house and move, but – well...

Yesterday I cancelled my account with the oil company. Told them the boiler blew and we were switching over to gas and please send me a bill for balance due. The lady called to say she'd checked my account, I hadn't been getting my new-customer discount, and she was going to give me – well, not a refund exactly, but she would knock the difference off the $200 we owe.

So there's that.

Then at 6:30 this morning the delivery guy showed up and filled our tank.

So there's also that.

And then there's this: today on the radio they say that last month was the biggest drop in existing-home sales since the last major housing crash, eighteen years ago, in 1989...

Look, baby goats!

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