It's not about the house.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For Fab 5 Freddy?

I've had this keyboard for less than a year -- less than six months, maybe -- and look what I've managed to do to it already:

Why do you suppose that letter, in particular, got all worn out?

(Oh, and before you ask: Yes, I appear to have a hair across my space bar. Don't know what's up with that. Didn't see it before I took the picture, don't see it now. Think it might be a ghost hair. Woooooo...)


su said...

Too many F'bombs!

12ontheinside said...

Frick, definitely the F-Bombs.

Sashimi said...

C'mon EGE write something nice and looooong and funny! Helps me start my office day all nice and zingy.

ege said...

Okay, okay, Sashimi, are you happy now?

PS Thanks for chiming in!