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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Mom Memed Me!

(Okay, it's not really a meme. I just liked the way it sounds. So Su me.)

While I was off in la-la-land, taking a mental vacation from this blog and its bottomless lust for wit and poi jokes (ha! that was supposed to say "poo jokes" but I like it. I think I should find more opportunities to make jokes about poi. After all, it is made with nine pounds of the finest ingredaments), my mom tagged me on her blog to play a game. The rules of which call for one to go into one's fourth photo folder, post the fourth picture one finds there, and write about it. Now, I don't usually perpetuate these sorts of things, but this came from my mom. And a girl has gotta do what her mother tells her, she's just gotta. Otherwise she's bound to wind up on the internets making poo jokes about poi.

So here goes:

Well, see, the problem is that most people probably take pictures of, you know, stuff. Life. Things they do. Places they go. People they see and maybe even love. Me, I use my camera only for the purpose of this blog. I never in my life took pictures of anything before I started writing here. Seriously. We went to Istanbul for two weeks and I have one picture of one guy in the basement of one bar. I just don't like grinding moments to a halt trying to catch them. And now that I have this big fancy camera, I still don't ever aim it at anything but poo and wine and Johnny and the like, for the purpose of sharing those things with you here.

You're welcome.

So the point is, whatever I find in that fourth folder is guranteed to be something I've posted here before. The added, suspenseful twist, however, is that my computer seems to be spontaneously erasing picture folders. I don't know if they're only allowed to stay so long, or if I'm only allowed to have so many, or what it's all about, but whenever I go to call up an old picture, I discover more and more old ones aren't there. In which case I suppose it's good that I'm not recording things I care about. But I can't help thinking it's like my computer and I are growing old together, dropping the detritus of our existence as we go along. Like city lights receding, man, I swear to god.

Therefore, what I'm getting at is this: the fourth folder in my file ought to be from April 2007 or so, and it ought to have images of, I don't know, some stupid crap around the house. But instead what I found is from late June of that same year, and the image is of this:

Some stupid crap around the house.

That's my laundry room (yes! really! I know it doesn't look it, but it is!). I took this pictre with my old camera, back when I was still doing stuff to the AssVac and writing about it. I don't do things anymore. Hell, I barely write anymore -- at least as far as you poor people are concerned -- but if you want to read about what I was doing then, feel free to follow that link back there and poke around.

I'm sorry, Meme, if I'm not playing by the rules exactly, but I simply must be finished with this now. Just thinking about it all has given me a headache, so I've got to take my poi and go lie down.

Come, Poi!

Coming, Prudence!

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lili said...

He looks more tasty than the poi.