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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Prayer for Our Meany

Johnny's decided to give up smoking for Lent.

Would it be sacriligious of me to take bets on how long he's gonna last?

He's really not drunk here, it's just a bad picture. And he didn't get knobbed with a billiard ball, either. For those non-(lapsed or otherwise) Catholics among you: those are ashes.

But seriously, folks: I might be willing to send a Very Special Toy Prize to the person who guesses closest to the day he gives it up.

Caveat #1 being that I am going away tomorrow (Thursday, the 26th) and coming home on Sunday (the 1st), so I won't know if he breaks down while I'm away.

And caveat #2 being that our St. Patrick's Day party happens to fall right on his birthday this year (March 14th), and if he and his god are okay with him cheating on that occasion, then lord knows it's alright with me...

So let's play!


Anonymous said...

10th March. (But Go, Johnny! If you can do it I might try it too!)

beardonaut said...

I'm gonna go with March 6th.

su said...

My colleague, the ex-nun, Sr Mary Elephant and her husband (????) always gave up alcohol for lent. But she said Sundays did not count. Then there was St. Patricks Day, her birthday and her husband's birthday. Ok so how many times does one have to get snockered in a 6 week period of time normally? My friend and I used to giggle about it.. You go Johnny. I am saying he'll go all the way.. Then never smoke again!

Cake said...

March 8th for the win!

Anonymous said...

I say tonight. The 26th. You are away, he is lonesome and went to the Pub. After a few pints, and well, his buddies, and well, you know. It's hard. Been there, done that.

DonnaStaf said...

I think he has quit forever!

Renovation Therapy said...

I'm gonna go with March 6th.

If he makes it all the way through without a cigarette, I'll send him a present.