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Thursday, March 4, 2010

There is a Lion in the Way

I wasn’t going to work out today.

That is, I was. After all, I am officially, 100% unemployed these days. The Big Project is in Bigger Hands, and until those big hands slap me with a verdict either way, working out is really my only job. Six times a week. One hour. No excuses. Fit back in my favorite jeans or bust.

Unless I have Plans or something. Which I do, today. If I have Plans or something then five times a week ought to be plenty. After all, if I’m thinking of it as a freaking job...

But then I had four cups of cocoa last night and decided to work out this morning after all.

Then I woke up.

I woke up and remembered how I wasn’t going to work out today, and how very good not working out can feel, and decided five times a week really ought to be enough on an ongoing basis. I’d take the dog out for good long romp instead. Climb hills. Throw sticks. Hoist bag after bag of steaming poo (seriously, he goes once a day at home but four times in an hour at the park!? I don’t know. I think he’s trying to make some sort of statement, but I’m loathe to whip out the decoder ring just yet).

Yes. Dog. Park. Right now. Romping. That’s what I’ll do. But oh, it’s raining...

Well, not technically, not yet. But it is awfully grey and damp-looking out there. What if it rains? That park gets really wet when you add water. The dog comes out all crusted up with mud. If I take him, if that happens, I won’t have time to clean him up before our Plans. And we do have Plans today. I wasn’t lying about that.

I know: I’ll weigh myself. That’s what I’ll do. If I weigh less than yesterday I get a pass. But if it comes out the same or more, then I’ll work out. I get to strip, though, because yesterday’s was a post-workout weight, and my outfit was so drenched in sweat I took it off. Speaking of sweat, I ought to subtract an extra pound, just to be fair...

Three pounds I’ve gained!? Since yesterday!? Who knew four cups of cocoa weighed so much!?

All right, then. That does it. I’ll do both. First dog park, then work out, then off to Plans. Except, jeez, I just remembered: it’s been more than a week since I’ve posted on my blog. Okay, so: blog first, work out second, dog park third (if I have time), then off to Plans...

Two hours this damn thing took me? To write four hundred and sixty-seven words? Christ! I better put the keyboard down right now and go work out!

My shoulder hurts.


oldgreymare said...

again and again you make me laugh

thank you so much


Khurston said...


pork luck said...

I was going to work out today too. But... uh.. i'm still recovering from that nasty flu i had two weeks ago. So i really shouldnt push myself. Yah, thats it. recovering!

My word verification is squisj. I feel all squisj in these jeans.

ok, i'll work out. dammit.

Jenni said...

I was going start Zumba-ing again, but I hurt my back. Then I had to get ready for a meeting, then my yoga pants were dirty that morning, then I woke up late. So...I ate chocolate.

I completely understand.

Sparkle Plenty said...

I now count pickin' up dog poop as "workin' out."