It's not about the house.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hey! Cross Your Fingers and Toes!

Some Monday Morning thoughts, in no particular order:

1. When you go away for two days and come home to find a dry, hard sponge beside the sink and no dirty dishes in it, that's a good sign your husband hasn't eaten since you left.

2. Except he raved about the t-bone steak you left him, so what gives?

3. What he has most definitely not done, though, is smoke in the house. Or, as far as I can smell, the porch.

4. And what he has done is this:

Shoveled a path around the yard so the Dog can have a pee without getting his bandaged foot wet. Ain't he a dear? Maybe I should put in a supply of t-bone steaks.

5. Oh! Speaking of which! The vet called! The Dog-parts got the All Clear! Not a drop of cancer, anywhere!

6. I officially named the New Car yesterday, and will at long last tell the tale of how she came to be ours in this Very Special Space on Wednesday.

7. The New England Patriots ought to be lined up against a wall and shot -- as Johnny would say -- with balls of their own shite. That includes Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, but does not include Wes Welker or Brandon Meriweather. It almost did not include Kevin Faulk, but then he caught the suck. One shite-ball for #33. See if you can hang on to that one.

8. And last, but far from least: Ahem.

Today is The Day.

Please to be repeating after me:

O elvis who art King,
Lift up my spirits
Fill my heart with song
Love me tender
Protect me from those who would do me harm
And keep my blue suede shoes
Forever from impurity



Khurston said...

itch, itch. bite, bite!

Charlie said...

apparently those freaks in germany/austria say "press your thumbs"
so I also have my thumbs "presses" - which is quite challenging with your fingers crossed.

Charlie said...

pressed! not presses arg. stupid ergonomic keyboard has messed me up forever!

pork luck said...

Hurray the doggy is fine!!!!!!! and yah, line up the NY Giants with your boys. Eli should get a double whack.

12ontheinside said...

Paper plates. That's totally what I would have used.