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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lookit Me!

I know I said I'd tell you about the New Car -- and I will, tomorrow -- but today I have exciting news!

Do you like this wee ceramic dragon?

Do you want to read a totally-made-up-by-me story about why he is Significant?

You do?


Go here, then!

And if the story makes you laugh (which why wouldn't it, really? I mean, it was totally-made-up-by-me, after all), then you can go here and buy the dragon!

Or, well, you know: bid on it. There's no guarantee you're going to win. After all, I'm sure there are countless billionaires out there who would like to support 826 National by purchasing a ceramic dragon figurine which will surely someday be pricelessly collectible as the very earliest piece of Erin Griffen Ellia-related memorabilia.

Unless, that is, the dreaded Gnome shows up on eBay with all my mysteriously-missing Underpants...

Ooh, ooh, and? If you're a tweeter, or a blogger, or a facebooker? Would you be so kind as to spread the word? Let's see if we can't get the dragon to sell for hundreds of dollars! I got the assignment the day my mother died, for heaven's sake! And it's a literacy-related charity, to boot! So pass it on!

Do it for Su!

(How about this: for every ten dollars it sells for, I promise not to play the "my mom died" card in this space for one week. No more crying at your desks, people! Come on!)


Sashimi said...

U know Erin, I'd try to outbid everyone with evry last cent to my name, u do know that? Ok. Here's the thing. They closed down my account and took away all of the remaining $22 on it as
"closing charges"..just because I hadn't done anything with the account in an year. Would you believe that? Naming no names, but it was a 3 letter bank in MN.

ege said...

I know you would, but... I don't know of ANY three-letter banks, let alone in Minnesota. The same thing happened to me once, though, and then they sent me collection notices for MORE fees after I closed the account, which I did because they lost my deposit -- actually, physically, lost it -- the lady forgot to put me on hold and I heard her tell the other lady "Look behind the trash can"! It was Citizens Bank. C-I-T-I-Z-E-N-S!

Hubert said...

I am all for literacy. Especially the kind of literacy that allows dissembling, confabulation and downright lies. But what is the problem with spelling things correctly?

Was Noah Webster so seriously concerned about copyright that an entire three hundred million people are condemned to subliterate scribblings?

What is worse, there are major software houses who suppose that I wish my prose - composed in correct and standard English - to be spell checked in some colonial dialect.

The Dragon was a British Computer manufactured in the 1980's. It had a word processor that spell checked in English. Not "British" English - which does not exist - but English, the language.

Now I have lost my thread, becoming incoherently rambling. For which I am grateful.

But, literacy. Yes: this dragon will permit people to read and write pogonographic novels. Yes. Perhaps the purchaser would do the decent thing and photograph the wee beast making a journey across the universe. For such us the fate of many garden gnomes.