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Sunday, January 17, 2010

When's that Chinese New Year Thing, Again?

So... I had to take Johnny to the emergency room yesterday.

He'll be fine. Needed a few days of IV antibiotics, is all, because his body wasn't responding to the oral (and you can all just get your wee minds out of the gutter now, you pigs!).

I'm off to Boston Medical Center in a moment (née Boston City Hospital, a.k.a. St. Elsewhere), to hang out all afternoon waiting for the doctor, see if maybe they're going to spring him out tonight. If they decide to keep him, I'll probably come home and drink seventy-twelve IPAs, and if they send him home I probably ought to stick close by his side (you know, try to be all wifey-wife and shit) -- so either way it looks like I won't be delivering the next New Car installment today like I promised.

Oh well.

My new New Year's Resolution -- effective immediately -- is to never, never, never announce my blog-intentions in advance again.

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12ontheinside said...

Lunar New Years Day is Sunday 14 Feb. I suggest you have a good go at the Lunar New Years Eve thing on the Saturday 13th night. Hey, at least this means there's only 4 more weeks of the shit to get through. Of course, knowing you guys, lots could happen in the next 4 weeks...
Hope Johnny's doing better. Hope the doctor doesn't prescribe anything remotely oral for him.