It's not about the house.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

And He Doesn't Even Know I Was Complaining (Here) About the Kitchen

I can't write today because look!

I'm all verklempt.

9 comments: said...

You've a nice blog here. I like your ranting.

ege said...

Thanks, yeokeehui! You have so many blogs of your own, you'll have to give me a little time to decide which one's the best!

Benzo Jones said...

We went to see the Benjamin Button movie, and there was a point when Brad Pitt looked just like Johnny.

Chris said...

Go Johnny Go!!!

Charlie said...

At least you're not fitznoodled!

Robert said...

Verklempt? That was one of the guys on Hogan's Heroes, right? ( I know, I'm old.)

ege said...

Ben -- Are you saying, if I wait long enough, Johnny will someday look just like Brad Pitt? Or is he going in the wrong direction?

Chris -- Yeah, well, he's stopped now. Wanna come over here and kick his little ass?

Charlie -- Fitznoodled? You're silly!

Robert -- Hogan's Heroes? You're old! (But are you shoving tissues in your shirt sleeve?)

Sparkle Plenty said...

1) I can't write a proper response to this post because I'm still laughing and wincing over Friday's post. I gotta find a way to deploy the term "stupid pyjama family" at the earliest opportunity.
2) What on earth would make the boy unfit for construction work? If it's an ear thing, all the construction guys I know are already pretty much deaf from the din?!
3) But: Poor little guy.
4) And: Is it just me imagining that Dick Cheney is suffering from hysterical lameness? Either that or they had to heavily sedate him and stick him in the wheelchair to get him out of the White House? I'm picturing him hiding in a little makeshift fort under the desk in the oval office last week, refusing to leave and throwing his poo* at flustered staffers.

*Yes. Gratuitious poo reference. Where is my prize?

Benzo Jones said...

It was old/young Brad Pitt, so you've probably got a way to go, and he'll have to get immature in the process.