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Monday, January 26, 2009

At Least It Hasn't Recruited the Razor

I can't write this afternoon because my shower nozzle keeps leaping from its perch and knocking me on the head when my soaped-up eyes are closed.



I show you these pictures for entertainment purposes only, and would appreciate your withholding any editorial comments on the blackness of my caulk (ahem) or the blistering in my bathroom area(ahem ahem).

That empty conditioner bottle atop the shower wall, however? That's totally open for discussion. That was three bottles of conditioner ago, but I just can't seem to remember to throw it away.

Ain't gonna do it now, either. Because if I've got time for doing tiny little chores like that, I should be (ahem)


Poppo said...

(ala grammy Ellia)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry sweetheart, mine's dirtier than yours. Of course.

Jenni said...

Let's just say I have "issues" with caulk companies. When "Does Not Mildew" on the container ....THEY SHOULD MEAN IT.

Sorry, I needed to yell. I bleach mine, and still....

Darn caulk people.