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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And Just Where Do You Suppose He Might Be Now?

Well, seriously: could you get any writing done if you opened up your freezer door and found a pair of safety goggles?

Just who was doing what in there, do you imagine? 


Chris said...

More shocking is the Guiness glass in the cooler.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he was trying to be cool.

ege said...

Chris -- So he can have a frosty glass! Not for Guinness, of course. But he knows that if he keeps the good glass in the cupboard, I'll just break it.

12 -- Aha! Good one! Boo, puns!

Anonymous said...

Hummmm...I bet he wasn't using the safety glasses while sanding the drywall or installing the trim in the kitchen and reached in for the beer mug and there was too much drywall dust on the glasses and he couldnot find the mug so he took off the glasses to find the mug, needed a place for the glasses cause he needed another hand to pour the beer the forgot he placed the glasses next to the chicken and then decided it was just too dangerous for him to finish sanding without the glasses and....

Oh nevermind....that was my husband.


beardonaut said...

I'm gonna go with "protecting his eyes from the attacks of miniature penguins while getting his beer glass" (note "his", not "her").

And no, I'm not drunk.