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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Father Knows Best

My dad called bullshit on the whole chimney thing.

I didn’t actually mean to tell him what was going on. So many things like this go wrong around here, I feel like a big saddo telling everyone about it all the time. I try not to bring them up anymore unless I can find a way to make it funny, so it’s actually a story and not just a complaint (except, of course, for my blog post yesterday, which wasn't funny, and I'm sorry about that). But I’d been commencing again, and although I called Dad before I commenced and for a completely other reason, he wasn’t home when I called and by the time he called me back I’d been commencing for a couple hours.

So by the time Dad called me back I’d had the light-beer equivalent of a drink and a half and for some reason that made me chatty. Probably I just was shy to admit the real reason for my phone call, which was to try to find out what my folks bought me for Christmas that hadn’t yet arrived...

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