It's not about the house.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Take My House, Please

Article in the paper today says foreclosure filings are up 70% in Massachusetts over last year. Mortgages, I mean. People are losing their houses. Know why? They signed for loans they couldn't really afford and didn't really understand. Now who would go and do a stupid thing like that? Certainly not someone with a college education and even a couple months of post-grad "study." Certainly not someone with a sterling credit rating despite the fact that she hasn't had a real job in ten years. Certainly not someone who doesn't even read the instruction manual before plugging in a new electronic gadget, and who figures as long as she writes down every check she doesn't have to actually bother balancing her checkbook. Certainly not -- hey, that sounds like me! Hoo, boy... Ha ha... Get it? Ooh, I'm a hoot.

Wait a minute. That's not funny...

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