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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hey Guess What?

We ran out of oil again this morning!

No, actually, technically, we didn't run out of oil. Technically, it occurred to me all of a sudden that we hadn't seen the oil man in a while so I padded down there in my stocking feet in time to realize that we were going to run out of oil. In about an hour. So I shut the heat off and called for a delivery, and it took them about four hours to get here and by that time I was so cold that I'm still cold, and that was five hours and a long hot shower ago. Maybe today was not the day to wash my hair.

Lordy, lordy. The gas company called this afternoon to see if I was ready to talk about switching over. Boy, am I! But I missed the call. I was sitting in the car, in the driveway, with the engine running, just trying to suck up a little heat.

The thing is, since this started happening (oh yes, this is the third time this winter alone), everyone keeps telling us we can use diesel fuel in a pinch -- like the stuff a truck runs on. Which calls to mind two images immediately: first of all, if an oil truck runs out of gas, can he just put his big oil hose into his gas tank and drive around on that? And second, if I were to use diesel in a pinch, what would I do? Drive back and forth to the gas station fifty times with my little one-gallon red plastic gas can? It's not like I have a car that runs on diesel I could use to siphon off the gas tank -- oh, but wait. The across-the-street neighbor guy does. The across-the-street neighbor guy parks his big rig in the middle of the road for weeks at a time between his runs, and we hate the across-the-street neighbor guy.

Okay, I know what I'll do next time. Never mind.

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