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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Oh, Yeah, The Poison...

I was going to explain about the furnace today -- enough about the damn chimney already, right? But then today I got this postcard in the mail offering $20 off a chimney cleaning, and it says this:

"Dear Past Customer or Current Resident: [You know, they really could have skipped this greeting all together and I think it would have seemed more personal.]

"YOUR FURNACE VENTS INTO THE CHIMNEY!! Cracks, holes or obstructions in a chimney flue can cause dangerous carbon monoxide fumes or soot to leak into your home. etc., etc."

Oh, so that's what the whole "better-put-a-liner-in-your-furnace-flue" thing was all about. Hm. What's funny is, now I realize that I knew it all along. The whole poison thing, I mean. In fact, I'm very familiar with many ways in which one's house is capable of killing one, even without that damn heartbeat coming from the floorboards...

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