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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oily Bastards

Stupid. I'm gonna hafta go with stupid. Not jinxed or anything else, just some kinda dumb.

See, we've been having a bit of trouble with our oil company. Our tank is smaller than anyone believes, for reasons that I promise to explain some other time, such that we need to get deliveries every ten or eleven days. The new company we signed up with for automatic fill (so it would be more convenient) has made a habit of not showing up until we call them -- or forget to call them and run out -- and then showing up again three days later.

This morning I got all kerfuffed because they came, and they'd just been here yesterday, and they were trying to tell me they delivered 35 gallons -- as if we could possibly have burned 35 gallons in the night. I ruined my morning writing hours fretting over it (hm, there seems to be a pattern here) and finally decided to write the bastards an email.

I spent an hour composing it (unnecessary writing still counts as procrastination). Said I wasn't going to pay it. Said I was finding a new company. Said they were overcharging me by... hang on a second, let me do the math... wait a second, what's this date here... well that's not right, the last delivery was yesterday, not ... I know because I got the bill with the rest of the... oh... the holiday... so I haven't gotten mail since ... so that bill's been sitting there for... which explains why we still had a half a tank on... Hm.

We did wonder how we'd suddenly become so awfully efficient. Thank god I didn't send that email.

Still, they were just here three days ago. So, even if I'm not entirely intelligent, they're still not entirely in the right.

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