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Thursday, October 30, 2008

As a Matter of Fact...

Somebody screwed me on the tire deal, I'm just not sure who it was.

Yesterday Guy did not try to sell me a new tie rod, or manifold, or engine mount, or any of the other woolly things I was certain he was going to try to pull over my eyes, but when he called he did say that:

A. My right front tire was completely bald. This was the newest of the four of them. The one that blew and was replaced in June. So why was it the baldiest? It was also the one I thought was wobblingest, however, so maybe it wasn't balanced right when it was mounted, and that's why it was bald? But Jimmy wouldn't do that to me, would he? Jimmy the tire guy?

And, worse:

B. My tires were four different sizes. Which would certainly explain the wobbling. Um, Jimmy? Seriously. What the hell?

Apparently one of them was the right size, and still good, so I only needed three new ones -- which he would "rotate" (I assume this meant he moved the single keeper?), balance and align for $250. This didn't sound too bad to me, considering one new tire costs $100, rotating and balancing four old ones costs about that, too, and an alignment alone runs $60-$80. I told him to do it. Johnny said why didn't we just go ahead and get the fourth tire so we'd have all new ones, but -- unable to think of a reason fast enough -- I just told him to shut up.

With tax it came to $265.something. I imagine he really just sold me the tires and threw the rest of it in for free, but I don't know. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a look at the receipt?


I thought I left it in the car, but I can't find it...

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