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Saturday, October 4, 2008

We Interrupt

I've mentioned how we're thinking about moving to Ireland if something bad happens here in November, right?

So Johnny's been talking to his brother -- who lives in the house we own and would be moving to -- about the state of it and how we would arrange this if it should happen. He's on the phone right now, in the other room, and I overhear this:

"No, no. Nobody ever died in the bathroom."


beardonaut said...

The reasonable thing now would be to list who has died in what room

EGE said...

Oh man, it's only three, but they're like the Ghastlycrumb Tinies.

Josie (cousin): Had an epileptic seizure and fell down the stairs and broke her neck. Johnny found her. He was eight.

Phyllie (sister): Caught a spark from the fire and burned to death. In her first communion dress. Johnny wasn't born yet.

Josie (mum): Had a stroke in bed. That one's not so terribly ghastly, but it was his mum. And it was just two years ago.

Tucker (da): Did not technically die in the house. He finished painting a sign, climbed down the ladder, laid down his brush, and died on the job. Johnny was three months old. But Tucker still comes back for a visit once in a while, so it's not like the two of them haven't met.

And no, nobody ever did die in the bathroom. But strange things happen in there. Lights go on and off. Taps go on and off. Things move around. Marty's afraid of it.

Who knows, maybe it's just Tucker, come stumbling home from the big pissup in the sky.

Jenni said...

My bet is the place is haunted.