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Friday, October 17, 2008

The Endorsement

I don't usually do this, mostly because I don't usually notice or care about what products I'm using, and if I do then I don't usually remember what they are.

What kind of deodorant do I use, for example? Nay, what kind of deodorant have I used, consistently, for going on fifteen years? The red kind. Red package, that is, the product's blue. One Friend says it's supposed to be for men, but I don't care.

I briefly changed cleaning products a few years ago when the one I use altered its packaging and I couldn't find it and assumed it had been discontinued. Same with my clay mask. I still have to rely on One Friend to dig up that one for me.

But anyway, this product, I noticed. And I wasn't going to tell you about it because I thought it was local and I thought you couldn't get it, but when the container was empty I actually checked and it turns out I was wrong.

It's Edy's!

And it really tastes like mushed-up ice-cream sandwiches! With extra carrageenan gum in the ice-cream part and everything! Johnny surprised me with it the other night! It lasted three whole days!

I think in some parts of the country, Edy's is called Dreyer's -- yes? But I think you can still get it made by them (too bad for you all you wrong-side of the planet folks who read this: sorry). What most of you can't get, though, is Brigham's, which is what I thought it was.

Which is too bad, because Brigham's has a flavor called "Just Jimmies" that I was going to recommend till I realized y'all were out of luck. It isn't really just jimmies -- it's vanilla ice cream with jimmies and pieces of sugar cone mixed in! Also, they don't say so, but I'd swear some of the sugar-cone pieces are chocolate-coated! Too bad you can't get it!

Oh, well, in searching for a picture to show you -- because I don't happen to have an empty one of those lying around under the coffee grounds in the bottom of my trash can -- I discovered that I can no longer get it, either. Because, apparently, it was seasonal.

And apparently jimmie season's over for the year.

Don't say it! I know what you're thinking, and don't you say it!
They are TOO called jimmies! Yes, they are!


su said...

Edy's slow churned no sugar added is the bs or the ts whichever you choose. Also where I grew up, they were called chocolate shot. When I left home.... had no idea what I was being asked.. D'ya want jimmies?
Also peppermint stick is seasonal and it is my personal fav.... and the season is quickly approaching.Yay

Ladyscot said...

I go for the Edy's slow churned low fat ice cream - raspberry chip royale or peanut butter cup. I go through it like water, so I don't buy it too often!

Anonymous said...

I spotted the Just Jimmies flavor this past weekend at the Star market by MIT. get it while you can!

Chris said...

Why would endorse something you don't like? I'm assuming you don't like it since it took you a whole THREE days to eat it!
Give me 20 minutes... and it's done and that's ice cream I don't like...

HPH said...

I am so happy that you can still get your Just Jimmies flavor. I am so not jealous because I can get Blue Bell. The latest new flavor is Snickerdoodle -- "Flavorful cinnamon ice cream with chunks of snickerdoodle cookies and a praline cinnamon swirl." Yumyumyumyumyum

EGE said...

Su -- Although I have to admit that I like the idea of chocolate shots, I stand by my insistence that they're JIMMIES. But I don't know what bs or ts are.

Ladyscot -- Yeah, like water. Me, too. So me, neither.

Anon -- Thanks for the tip! I will go scouting. Maybe not all the way to MIT, but there are Star Markets closer to Townville I can scour.

Chris -- cf. Ladyscot

HPH -- I still don't know who or where you are, but now (and I can't quite explain why) I am leaning toward the assumption that you're female...

DonnaStaf said...

Aunt Su, I saw peppermint stick out already at Big Y! Laina's fav too!

su said...

balls or tits

su said...

Cuz D who made the PS you already saw? I will have to go on a scouting trip.

HPH said...

The 'test' at sez both high masculinity and high femininity. The plumbing sez female. I don't have the shopping gene.