It's not about the house.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Johnny Holiday

There is no reason you should watch this video. It is one and a half minutes of nothing but painting and singing dancing, But I love this man, and I wanted to share him.

I'll write something Christmasy tomorrow.


Nikki said...

Okay I thought it couldn't get better after the election blog, but i gotta say this was pretty damn great!! I sure wish there was a Johnny clone here in Texas!! Have a wonderful Christmas and the greatest New Year ever!! Oh yeah I am going to raise a beer tonight to ya'll!Nikki Dean

Benzo Jones said...

That was all I needed for Christmas.

ege said...

Hey Nikki! Welcome back! And I promise, if I ever get sick of him, I'll stick him on a plane to the Lone Star State.

Benzo! Merry! Merry!