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Friday, July 3, 2009

Every Year, Every Year

It makes me cry.


Sashimi said...

awwww.. Happy Independance day. How do you celebrate it?

Jenni said...

They wanted it to be known just how much they hated the king.

Just wish they would have used "people" or "men an women" are created =. (My 2 cents)

beardonaut said...

We don't really have anything like that. Our National Day wasn't even a holiday until a few years back. We're not very patriotic compared to you people. But then again, we didn't pack ourselves into boats and go half-way around the world to avoid persecution. Hell, we packed ourselves into boats and went out and persecuted people. Rape and pillage, baby!

ege said...

Sashimi -- Thanks! Usually we have a big cookout, but this year it was just me & Johnny having hot dogs in the yard.

Jenni -- I know! And how all they really wanted was to be treated like proper Englishmen, but he pushed them one step too far... (The women thing doesn't bother me. They really weren't talking about poor men, or black men, or etc. either, but they got the ball rolling until times changed and we caught up.)

Beardo -- Yahoo!