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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Told You!

I told you I was going to ask QC a question, and I did, and she answered! (Not such an exclamation-pointy achievement, considering she said she'd answer everyone, but still. Quinn Cummings!)


I linked to her book already, but in case you weren't paying attention you can find it here.

So here's our gig:

EGE: The Goodbye Girl is one of my husband's favorite movies. So even though I understand about the thirty-years ago annoyance, I asked him if he had anything he might want to know. I braced myself for all kinds of teenaged-boy crushy-gaggy stuff I might not want to know about him (forgetting, for an instant, that teenaged boys are not the audience for Tiger Beat), but what he said was "Ask her what kind of guitar Dreyfuss was playing." So my question is...

Why did I marry a musician?

QC Says: You married a musician for the same reason it turns out my life-partner is a tech-guy. Because we find passionate driven people more interesting than the other kind and also we're working through unfinished business.

Me again. I was really supposed to be asking a question about her, but I went and got all me-centric as usual. Thanks, QC, for being a good sport and playing along. Now everyone go out and buy her book!


Sparkle Plenty said...

Most awesome! I will definitely buy QC's book, as well as buying yours. (Sorry: I'll ease up now.)

Mommy With a Penis said...

I finally got around to asking Quinn a question. Don't know if she'll be willing to play yet. Keep you informed...