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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Telephone Conversation I Had With My Football Buddy Yesterday

"No more buggies, Auntie Erin!"

"At the grocery store?"

"No! At pre-K!"

"Ooh! Does that mean you're a bigger girl now?"


"Does that mean you're bigger?"

flatly. losing interest.


"Okay... So, um, what do you use instead?"


"They're black."  

obviously thinks I'm stupid.

"The buggies are black?"


"Ooh, that's chic!"

"No. That's just silly, Auntie Erin. You can talk to Mommy now."

Then, heard shouted from the distance after Mommy takes the phone:

"They're called LICE, Auntie Erin!"

Ah, buggies. 

My head itches.


Khurston said...

I feel compelled to make a point of clarification for the entire world wide web community who have no admittedly have no idea who I am or my daughter is. Lice were in the classroom - NOT on said FB. Thank you, buggie gods for sparing my child this time. I am sure you'll find us eventually, and so in an effort to postpone the inevitable for as long as possible, we will continue to spare your tiny brothers when we see them on an anthill in an effort to appease ye mighty buggies gods.
Talk about itchy. Been a long month.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Buggggggies!!! Eek!

(This killed me: "flatly. losing interest.")

Jenni said...

Thank goodness the buggies are gone.