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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And By "We," I Mean...

The wine won't be ready for another couple months, but we bottled the cider. It was quite a process.

First, we had to wash the bottles.

Then, we had to rinse them in sterilizing solution.

Then, we had to put them on the rack to dry.

(Actually, before all of this, we had to try to wash them in the dishwasher -- which we are for some reason never otherwise allowed to use -- and discover that it's broken. Which is odd because, ahem, we never use it. Then we had to fight for a little bit about whether or not to get it fixed, because some of us refuse to use it, so others of us feel we can just sell the house someday and let it be someone else's problem. So far, at least, the latter argument is winning.)

Then we had to go and get ourselves a couple spares. That was my job.

Then we had to put one of these in every bottle, so the cider will get fizzy (and, not incidentally, slightly more boozerrific). I did that part, too.

Then we had to fill them!

And cap them, but I didn't get a picture of that because that was also my job and I had both hands (and all my body weight) occupied on the capper.

Then we had to change our sticky clothes and make a stir fry for our loving wife, because she's getting over-hungry and when that happens she yells.



12ontheinside said...

I have been using re-usable PET bottles for my home brew, you can get screw caps for them that actually work. No messy capping.

Jenni said...

I am wondering if i were to yell,would my husband would make stir fry?

oh and i usually was dishes by hand and use the dishwasher like a built in draining cabinet. which works out ok as long as no one else actually decides to place the dirty dishes in the washer.

beardonaut said...

You? Yelling when hungry? Noooo.