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Friday, November 7, 2008

Last Looks

Some random thoughts I’ve had since Tuesday…

First of all, forgive me, but I am using the black smiley face as my bullet-point. Anyone who thinks that’s NPC can suck it.

Second: thank you to everyone who left such kind and funny and encouraging and otherwise all-around good comments on my last two posts. Especially the new folks who never piped up before. Welcome! There are too many for me to answer individually in the comments section like I usually do, so just yes, I’m talking about you. And you and you. And you. But not you. You can suck it. (Kidding! Oh, jeez, I was only kidding…)

It occurred to me this morning that Barack Obama is younger than Johnny, by almost a year and a half. I said this to him (to Johnny, that is – I do not yet have the ear of the President Elect) and his answer was: “Yeah. So? John Kennedy was only 42.” Which just has nothing to do with anything, whatsoever. I told him to suck it.

Just for the record: I wrote my Tuesday morning post way ahead of time. I had not yet read the 11/2 Times when I talked about Wyoming and all that jazz. Nor had I read last Thursday’s when I talked about the West Wing. I saw them both yesterday at my Lady’s house and realized that I am not, in fact, the most distinctive thinker in the world. Who knew? Ah, well, maybe I should suck it! Of course, the Times drew the opposite conclusion as I did on the electoral college, so I guess it’s them can suck it, after all.

If you don’t count Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson – which I don’t, because their campaigns were really more like Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader’s in terms of actual viability – then we elected our first black president at the first chance we got. That’s kind of cool. Oh, wait, wasn’t there a woman back in the early ‘70s somewhere? Well… Yeah, right. As if that was actually viable.

Oh, and speaking of Change, look what I did ('Phaz, if you're out there, you might want to avert your eyes):

I always wore my hair boy-short, but four years ago I started growing it for no reason other than to see what it would look like. What it looked like was a never-changing, double-looped ponytail, because I didn't feel like doing anything with it, and I hated having it. Everybody kept telling me not to, so I just didn't tell anybody when I finally made the appointment to chop it off. Except for Johnny. I told him. Because otherwise it wouldn't have seemed fair. Everybody else, though? I'm me again!

So Suck It!


su said...

ok jeez, jeesh and jeezo.... You supported Jesse.. I so remember that!
Have you forgotten the knee length hair of childhood?
and OMG send a pic

su said...

Thanks to you....... Mrs Nuts is coming On Monday for 2 nights.... I am sooooooooo excited.

Chris said...

How is football buddy going to copy her auntie Erin with the loop ponytail if auntie Erin no longer has a loop ponytail! said...

I didn't support Jesse because I didn't want a person of the cloth in the White House. So I agree, this was the first time there was a real choice.

Congrats on the hair choppin' now mail that sucker to Locks of Love.

Anonymous said...

So did you give it to locks of love? That was going to be my suggestion too.

EGE said...

I didn't yet, because I'm lazy and disorganized, but I am going to.