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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Take Your Bows and Say Goodnight

I slept last night the sleep of the just. Fresh bed, fresh pyjamas, cold night, plenty of warm blankets. I awoke, after six uninterrupted hours, in the exact same position in which I'd lain me down. This is something of a miracle for me, and it was a bit hard to get out of bed once I realized it. It wasn't until I remembered a certain dream I'd had that I began to giggle uncontrollably and kiboshed the snuggly mood.

I dreamed that Dick Cheney, flush with free time in these heady Lame Duck days, had decided to do Dancing With the Stars. They hadn't asked him, mind you. He was just twiddling his thumbs in the OEOB, had an idea, and hollered for his secretary to get the producers on the phone. Not wanting to get shot in the face like a bunch of elderly lawyers, they didn't dare say no.

Now, I don't watch Dancing With the Stars -- though from what I hear, I'm pretty much the only one. I've never seen it. So I didn't watch it on my dream television either. From what I heard, though, I was not the only dream-person who passed.

From what I heard, the dream Nielsens on that hot mess were a nightmare.

63 days and counting...


Sparkle Plenty said...

HA! It would make a great SNL sketch.

Per prior post: Insouciant is DEFINITELY a compliment when it comes to hair.

12ontheinside said...

Did you know there is a thing known as "Saturday Night Syndrome". It's where you get so tanked you go to sleep and don't move because you passed out more than went to sleep. Then when your brain sends a message to your body "Roll over, you're squashing your leg" you don't get the message. By the time you wake up 10 hours later the blood supply has been so bad to your leg it has to be amputated.
I guess I could have dreamed this since I don't recall where I heard it. It wasn't last night though, I dreamed about doughnuts.

Charlie said...

U R sooooo weird