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Monday, November 17, 2008

O, Super

I've had this new haircut for just over two weeks now. I know I haven't posted a picture of it, and I probably won't, but let me just say that it's very shaggy. Very towel-and-go. Very, as my brother described it yesterday, Laurie Anderson.

Last Thursday, when I was at work, my Lady announced out of the blue that she thought it "has a certain quality the French would call insouciance."

Now, English happens to have caught this word directly from the French. It's a word with which I am familiar. A word I've passed around. A word I don't stumble over if I come across it in a book. But in regards to my new haircut...?

I looked it up just to be sure.

Here's what my good old New Webster's had to say:

in-sou-ci-ance n. carefree indifference. e.g. for what other people will think about one's behavior.

Hm. In other words, Ms. Golightly: It looks like you don't care what people think it looks like.

Was that a backhanded compliment, do you think? Do you think that means she thinks it looks like hell? Or do you think I need to stop thinking quite so much about my words?

Ah well. From what I hear, language is just a virus from outer space, anyway.

Maybe, someday, I'll get over it.


su said...

Not certain about insouciance, however the new do is Grande, truly Grande!

beardonaut said...

No, no, that would be religion that's a virus from outer space.

bernthis said...

How well do you and this "Lady" get along? I'm not sure I would take that as a compliment the more I think about it. If you and her aren't BFF, so to speak, then yeah, it is an insult, if you go get along, I will guarantee you it was meant as a compliment of sorts.