It's not about the house.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Got 'Im!

Writer's block, feh. He's really not so terribly unfriendly, once you get to know him. The question is: which is to be master?

Oh come on, now. Which do you think?

Sound the heralds, please...

I think I'll call him "you there." As in "you there, count my words. You there, laugh at my lively and astonishing wit. You there, do my proofreading for me." And then---

No, Tedy! I said "heralds" as in trumpets, not Herald as in trash!

Oh, what the hell. Have at 'im.

Which is to be master? Feh.

That's all.


pork luck said...

So.. uh.. how about that Arlen Specter character?

EGE said...

Tedy should beat him, too!

Charlie said...

Umm, congrats?