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Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm Still Not Writing...

...because Writing is still being an a-hole. Until it apologizes, I'm pretending it does not exist. If it tries to talk to me, I plan to drop my eyes briefly, then raise them to smile a warm hello to the person standing next to it.

This is called a cut. It is both more polite and infinitely more effective at getting the point across than any of the ruder things one thinks one wants to say or do in such a situation. One doesn't. Trust one. It also has nothing to do with cutting-and-pasting, because it has nothing to do with writing whatsoever!

Ahem. Here's a picture of my cat:

You see? How bad it's gotten? Gratuitous cat pictures. That's how low I've been reduced to stooping.

So if you happen to see Writing, you would not be out of line to remind it that I like interesting flowers, Totino's Pizza Rolls, expensive chocolates, the Dirty Jobs Guy, and hoppy beers. And the Partidge Family. I like the Partridge Family a lot, and I was reminded this morning that I somehow lived this long without getting my hands on the naked-David-Cassidy issue of Rolling Stone.

I don't know what Writing might see fit to do with all of that information. I'm just putting it out there. But I do know it's time for that A-hole to shape up and start thinking about creative ways to kiss my A, or so help me I will not stop at cutting his.

I will find and g-d replace it.

I'm waiting...

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theotherbear said...

Sorry, I had Writing with me this morning, we were composing lewd emails to my work colleagues together.