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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mini-You-Know Redux

I did it, okay? I put on the second coat of mini-you-know.

First, I almost forgot. Honestly. But then I remembered and I almost just decided not to do it – which I feel no need to verify, because I imagine it’s a little easier for you-all to believe. Seriously, I looked at the sink with the finally-dry you-know, and I thought to myself “Eh, one coat is probably good enough.”

But then I thought, what if it fails? What if, in a week or a month or a year or however long is not long enough for you-know to fail, it fails? Pulls away from the wall, or allows water to get through, or just generally crumbles into dust? How will I know, then, whether it’s because the product’s faulty or because I did a shoddy job? (Of course, I suppose it could be because I am generally Destructo, but there’s nothing to be done about that now.)

So I finished it.

It was harder this time, if only because I knew it was the final-final so I was trying to be careful and therefore ballsing it up more than when I didn’t care if I made a holy mess. I’m good like that. But I got it done, and for all intents and purposes it looks exactly the same as it did before.

(Not before I started it, of course – there would be much more pooping and swearing and trashing the peace here if that were the case – but before I went ahead and did the second coat. If you see it – if you saw it before (or, rather, during, I suppose) and if you see it now – you can tell the difference, but not in a picture. Or not in any picture I can take, at least.)

So when I finished, I ran out to the living room to fetch and demand kudos from the only other creature on the planet besides me who will have seen this project up-close in all three of its stages. I found, instead, this mélangey snooze-a-rama on the couch:

He caught the crud. The bigger one, I mean. The less-hairy fellow. On the left. But he’s going to work this morning anyway. Because he’s nowhere near as big a baby about being sick as I am. And I am. I am a ba-by.

But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t really, really sick. I was. Still am, in fact.



Sparkle Plenty said...

The picture from yesterday morning looked bee-yoo-ti-ful. I'd go check it out, but I'm still scared of The Shadow Blog. Also, now I'm worried that everybody else is over there at The Shadow Blog and it's two-for-one Shadow Nacho and Shadow Margarita Nite and I'm missing it. Damn cowardice.

Hope you feel better soon!

(Find and Replace: Bonaduce?! Either way, that definitely trumps Pork Luck's Klinger sighting.)

theotherbear said...

Everyone knows that men get much sicker from the same disease as a woman, and that men need much more looking after.

EGE said...

Sparkle -- I keep hearing all these party noise coming from over there, but the occasional screams keep me from feeling too left out.

(Find and Replace: I have no red-headed idea what you're talking about!)

TOB -- Actually, seriously, this one doesn't. He might get sicker, I don't know, but he refuses to go down or be taken care of. It's actually kind of frustrating. But it doesn't let him off the hook for tending me!

Anonymous said...


your assistance (or Johnny's) is requested over on my blog, we've got an Irish liquor conversation in need of information.