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Monday, May 12, 2008

What I Did Instead of Writing This Weekend

It didn't work.

What do you think I should do today?


Anonymous said...

Do you need me to kick you in the ass? I've got some pent up aggression, you're welcome to it.


Sparkle Plenty said...

Whaddya MEAN you're having trouble writing? If you were really creamed corn wrestling with the muse, would you be able to write the following great line? "If it tries to talk to me, I plan to drop my eyes briefly, then raise them to smile a warm hello to the person standing next to it." I think not.

Ideas: Maybe you should just take a lot of photos today and pretend you don't want to write at all ("La, la, la. I've decided to be a photographer. Who needs words?"). At that point, you'll find yourself writing eight paragraph captions for each photo--I promise! Or, maybe you could restrict yourself to posting recipes all week and/or talking about food, and the muse will get angry and jealous and come back with a vengeance.

(I think it's the Curse of Bonaduce.)

pork luck said...

Partridge family? My friend live's down the street from the second chris. You know, the blond? I guess he's sort of a deadbeat now. I dont think many of the Partridges really made much of themselves. Oh wait, Lori turned out to be a lawyer... so.. i guess one of 'em actaully did well.

su said...

Hey one of us turned out to be a lawyer too! And was the trip to Maine for MD the head banging experience? Did the mail thingy arrive?

poppo said...

Hey, the charlis blog is back!!! That should shame the Writer out of hiding!!

donnastaf said...

I have to write a sort of scholarly newletter for 200 nurses once every two months. It has to be scholarly, yet fun to read and look at...Sometimes I sit there and play with clip art and photos for 10 hours before anything good and informative comes out... But it eventually flows and then I pull a college- style all nighter before "writey" goes away
(the biatch).