It's not about the house.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Apparently, I wasn't supposed to post that you-know-what thing that I posted here this morning. Wasn't supposed to put it on the same page as the little box on the right-hand side (over there ----->) they pay me money for.

I have no defense, except to say I don't know nothing about these big-city, business-type whatchamahoodies. I spend my days playing with alphabet blocks. I won't even get the magnetic numbers for another couple years.

Anyway, so I've taken my mini-you-know (I like "Mini-You-Know," Sparkle, I think I'll keep it!) down from here like I was told (are you shocked, Su, that I did what I was told? Actually, though, technically I was asked, not told. But hey, Su, when are you going to start blogging again, anyway? Consider yourself told! I mean asked!).

In fact, I took both this weekend's posts down -- just to be safe and not get anyone in trouble. Because I hate trouble. Trouble, to paraphrase a new blog friend of mine, is an asshole. So I took them down. Even if I did spend a grand total of seven hours writing them. And even if I did have to be propped up in my sickbed to do it. But no, really, it's fine.

This time, I followed the directions I was given (ahem, the new directions I was given) best I could, I fitted tab A into slot B like I think I was supposed to (and no, Other Bear, I meant nothing dirty by that, either), and created a whole new shadow blog to be used precisely, and only, for reviews of things like this.

Although there may never be any more reviews of things like this. This may turn out to be the only time I ever use the shadow blog. Who knows?

Oh, come on, say it with me. Please, say it with me!

Who knows....?

The Shadow Blog knows!

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha (with creaky doors and stompy footsteps and other sinister sound effects ad infinitum or at least until the King Biscuit Flour Hour ends -- plus shout-outs to Renovation Therapy (nee ILU) and Amalie, who both left comments on the now-ex-Mini-You-Know which have now been ex-commenticated with the rest of them but I couldn't think of clever ways to work them in like I did with everybody else)

And oh crap.

I just realized that now I have to go and do the second coat of mini-you-know.


Think I could just throw it under the sink for another couple years?


su said...

OK many comments here... first, how the hell do you know about the Shadow. I used to listen to the Shadow in the early 50s on the radio before TV. And it was scary as SHIT!
Next, my blog. First I got very sick then I blew out my good knee and now the sun is out and you knopw me and my gardens. I am prepping the side of the cabin for yet another garden to contain the peas , cabbage and brocolli, ( to chop) Tomorrow I hope to till the 2 veggie beds and enhance them for the season.
I had no cable or phone for a cuple of days due to Metrocast F'up.
And finally.... NO I do not believe you did what you were told! lol never did, why start now!

su said...

oops no spell check here

Charlie said...

The shadow always knows....

Sparkle Plenty said...


I tentatively nosed my little mouse over to the link you provided--I didn't even touch the link, mind you, I just nosed my mouse over to it--and ZOOM there I was in Shadow Blog land. Once there, I had no idea what to do. Nobody was around. The soft clicks of my keyboard echoed eerily as I arrowed down. I thought I'd leave a comment to cozy up the joint, but then I wondered if it was okay to leave a comment? After puzzling that over for awhile, I began to ponder whether, if I left a comment, it would be a real comment or just a shadow comment? And would I still be Sparkle, or would I become Shadow Sparkle? Dude: I barely escaped from there.

I'm staying here where it's safe and cozy. Curtains are up. Su and Charlie are in the house.

theotherbear said...

I can't believe you knew I would be snickering at that line. Yes, sometimes I get myself confused with a 12 year old boy.

su said...

Sparkle, Charlie will protect you and Little Wingy!

Jenni said...

Red Tape.....That just crazy to have to start a shadow blog for a review post.