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Friday, June 27, 2008

Do You Feel Scared? Oh, I Do!

I just left this story as a comment on jeanmartha's blog, but I think it's earth-shattering enough to share. It also fits in with my so-new-it's-still-percolating blog philosophy, which I'll try to shape up enough to tell you about tomorrow. For now, enjoy:

The other night, Johnny and I were at a friend's birthday party at a bar a few miles from the house. I was bitching about my craptacular life, Johnny said "ah well, things can only get better," and so of course I sang "whoa, whoa, whoa-oa-oa. whoa, whoa, whoa-oa-oa..." He recognized my warbling but accidentally said Tom Jones instead of Howard Jones so naturally I made fun of him. This led to a HUGE fight that logically ended with me leaving him at the bar and driving home alone. Somehow he was here before I was, pretending like nothing had happened, so of course I went to youtube and played the Howard Jones video for him, and he said "I know, that's why I was singing that song in the first place." Which he wasn't, it was me.

But I just let it go.



Stephanie said...

Holy 80's video, Howard.

Here's some vintage Tom for you. Or, perhaps you prefer the Sexbomb?

Any argument using either Howard OR Tom on a side has got to end in some kind of comedy musical number.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Crap-tac-u-lar! A fabulous word. It's lovely to see Howard, I must say, and I love how those ladies look as they're stalking down the hallway towards the camera. Gonna practice walkin' like that.

Can't wait to read yer blog philosophy!

EGE said...

Steph -- I love The Voice, don't get me wrong. But the Sexbomb scares the sh*t out of me. (And you're right: we should have finale'd with "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better." Der.)

Sparkle -- It has been brought to my attention that Howard in that video does not look unlike myself in 1985. To which I answer: my hair was never that long in the back!

su said...

Well perhaps not in the 80's it was not that long but are you forgetting those braids you did not want the ugly people to touch in the grocery?

Sparkle Plenty said...

It's time for a salute to the House and I blog. So, I'm gonna be lookin' over your posts and pickin' my five favorites (tough call). If you have a favorite, lemme know and I'll include it.

EGE said...

Oh holy crap, and here I just posted about how I'm changing it up!

Thanks, Sparkle! I think I'll just let you pick your favorites, though. I'll be curious to see what you choose.