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Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Think the World Might Be Coming to an End

Johnny's bottling his wine.

And on a related note...

"Johnny, what did you spill all over the kitchen floor?"


"Well, it doesn't matter, because I cleaned it up!"

I don't know which would be worse: that he can't remember what he spilled, or that's it's something so bad he's afraid to tell me.

Also: that he should think it's all cleaned up, or that it actually is.

The shiny round spots in the middle though? Those are all me. Shaking the Ken's Italian in one hand while holding its lid in the other.

But at least I know for sure that, when this picture was taken, I had not yet even tried to clean it up.

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Sparkle Plenty said...

I'm gonna go spill me some salad dressing on the living room floor. Can't make it any worse. Last time I washed it, I scraped it. A little salad dressing might be just what the doctor ordered...