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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Make S'Mores!

It took all four of you, and my brain makes five –
But my brain needs help these days just to survive.
The poor thing is wasting away now, I fear
(Though not the rest of me; just look at my rear!)

She (that’s my brain) has been needing a shove
So I turned at long last to a writer I love.
A collector of things taxidermic and strange
Who’s admitted to crabs (but avoided the mange).

Where was I? Oh yes: it took you all four
To come up with the thing that I was waiting for.
To think that I waited for eight months to get it,
And now, in thirty-two (and-a-half) hours, I’ve read it!

Khurston knew but would not say, to give folks a chance
Courtney knew but did not want to get off her hands
Charlie looked it up and found out what it’s called
And LadyCiani did nothing at all!

So I guess that makes three, really, brains that it took
To come up with the name of Sedaris’s book.
When You Are Engulfed in Flames -- just what Doc ordered.
The cure for what ailed me…

Thanks, David!

(And Borders!)

4 comments: said...

How is it? I was hoping to snag a free copy at BEA but alas did not see any piled high...

EGE said...

It is exactly what I wanted it to be. My only complaint is that I'd read most of it already in magazines, but other than that he does not disappoint. There's something to be said for actually living a life and honing a craft before hitting the best seller lists. That way you can be relied upon to deliver, time and time again.

Not that I have any vested interest in such a thing, you understand.

Poppo said...

So now, get your brain and your fingers in gear
Stop whining about writers block
Use that energy to reduce the aforementioned derier
Get back to the keyboard, get back on the clock.

EGE said...

Aye, aye, Cap'n!