It's not about the house.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I had this whole post planned, about how I'm old and fat and everything, and it was going to be really long and really funny. But then I got distracted.

Johnny had a bad day. I mean a really baddd day. I mean, it was like ---


In honor of Johnny's Bad Day, let's take ourselves a quiz, shall we? This is not a contest, it's just a multiple-choice game, in the interest of finding out who's the real a-hole here.

Ready? Let's go!


If you were a guy, and you ran your own business, and you only had one guy working for you, and you kind of needed this guy working for you in order to keep your business going, and the agreement you had was that said guy would get himself to your house every morning and you would get him back there every night, but then this one night something came up and you had plans...

Would you...


A. Take him back to your house anyway, because that was the agreement.

B. Take him someplace from where he could easily catch public transporation.

C. Take him someplace else, where public transport is possible, but which is only about 3 miles away from someplace where it would be easy.


D. Tell him his wife ought to pick him up at the job and if she didn't like it she could go something-bad herself.

If you answered C & D -- you are correct!

So, anyway. Etcetera. Yeah.

Now we're both drunk.


su said...

What an A-hole and Poor Johnny

pork luck said...

wow. sorry Johnny.. that guys a real A-hole!

Anonymous said...

hey johnie you got drunk. ha

Anonymous said...

whats an a hole, is that like an arse, with a hole