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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Good Eats

Here's a helpful kitchen hint for a lazy Sunday morning:

If you're cooking a whole chicken on the grill, and if somebody keeps opening the grill so it won't stay hot enough and therefore the chicken takes three hours to cook, then, when it is finally done, do not crank the grill to high to burn off all the fat.

Because if you do? What happens is, the grill goes up in a big greasy ball of flame. Which would be bad enough, but, in the hubbub of trying to put it out, the poor three-hour chicken gets knocked to the ground and kicked in the dirt before anybody notices.

You eat it anyway -- because, you know, three hours and everything -- but it's hard to tell the difference at that point between cajun spice and earwig poo.

Maybe this doesn't happen if there isn't beer involved. I wouldn't know.

Bon app├ętit!


Unknown said...

Maybe you've discovered Colonel Sander's secret ingredients?

jen said...

Oh, it happens without the beer, too. Don't go thinkin' you two are special or anything!

amanda said...

I don't know what an earwig is. But earwig poo so does not sound appetising.

Daisy said...

OMG,too funny...Comon' spill...Whose fault was it?

Janice said...

PERFECT photo - oh, PERFECT photo!!

su said...

Hope this was not the dinner hosted for Gerry and his Lovely Wife!

EGE said...

Robert -- Mmmm, finger lickin' good!

Jen -- Phew. Lord knows I wouldn't want to be special. Then I'd have to ride the little bus.

Amanada -- If I tell you to google "earwig," and you do it, and you wind up scarred for life by the images you find, it's not my fault.

Donna -- All I'll say is that when somebody invites you over for dinner, and you ask what you can bring and they say bring a smile, if you're going to ignore that directive and bring a bunch of yummy food anyway, then you might want to also bring an extra grill. It's a good thing you're handsome. And really, really nice. And your wife is lovely and smart and funny. And your kids are charming. And I think you all might be my new best friends, even the 8-year-old. That's all I'm saying.

Janice -- I know! I mean, Thanks!

Su -- Um... no comment?

su said...

Oh no