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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

If You Knew Time As Well As I Do...

Before I launch into Would You Rather Wednesday, I'd like to extend a Very Special Welcome to beardonaut, who comes to us all the way from Sweden, courtesy of Google's "show me a random blog" button. He came, he saw, he decided to stick around. So therefore...

Welcome to the Nuts Club, bearie (may I? or shall it be Mr. Donaut?)! Now, on with the show!

Okay everybody, pretend I'm that really-fast-talker guy who used to do commercials for FedEx, back when they still had the time to be called Federal Express. Ready?

The game is really called Zobmondo, and you can buy it here, and if you’re going to play you have to choose one or the other, you can’t say “neither” or make up a third option.

Got it? Now gather round!

The category is “random” -- which means it could be any of the previously-played categories (peeking ahead, however, I'd say this one qualifies as "Pain/Fear/Discomfort") -- and the question is:

Would you rather spend the rest of your life in a space station -- OR -- in a submarine?

Funny story:

When I was in college, I had the opportunity to live in a submarine. We all did. It was yellow, and--

Oh no wait, that wasn't real.

Well, I got nuthin, then, so I'll just answer the question for a change:

I would rather spend the rest of my life in a submarine. Because, since they didn't say otherwise, I assume I could at least steer it around and see different things once in a while (coelacanths, geoducks, anglerfishes, protogynous hermaphrodites). If I were in a space station, all I'd ever see would be the same-old space junk. Plus broken toilets. And lady astronauts in diapers.

Unless -- hey, wait a second! Can we keep George Bush in office for a little while longer? (Of course we can: just elect McCain!) Because I bet if we did, and if I could just find within me a bit more patience than I usually muster, the WWIII light show from outer space would be spectacular. And if you add in the bonus that I'd probably be one of very few earthlings still alive, then --- well, that doesn't sound like any fun at all.

Submarine, then. Definitely submarine.

Now you're up: What would you rather?


beardonaut said...

Why thank you! And it's neither bearie nor Mr. Donaut. It's...eehhmm...beardonaut? Martin? Whatever.

And I'd go with space station. Not the MIR kind, but rather something like or .

Then again, maybe that's not really a choice...

su said...

I say space station. Pondering the end.. I could jump out and it would be instant oblivion. However I have had the near drowning experience.... No thanks.
As for the potty, I will bring along a distiller and doggy poo bags... and toss them out the window! lol

Chris said...

I was going to say space station but all this broken toilet talk got me to change my mind.
I'm going to go with the submarine and I'm going to park it in the Great Barrier Reef and scuba my days away (without surfacing of course, don't want to break the ridiculous rules of the ridiculous game)

Charlie said...

oops, sorry caps lock.
Definitely submarine. Because even if you can't move it around (or get out a swim around like certain rule-breakers). Things will still come to you!
Plus I already know how to flush a toilet on a sub.

jen said...

Submarine. You could Emerge, right? It doesnt say you couldnt. SO yeah. The rest of my life in a sub, ON TOP of the water. Not underneath it. With Ryan Gosling ON TOP of me. OR underneath me. Doesnt matter.
Sorry. Got a little carried away.

soupie said...

submarine. without a doubt. you're still on earth. (even if you lose contact, people can still find you.) i hate the thought of leaving my planet. come to think of it, i don't much like the experience of leaving my continent. it's the flying, not the destination. (although, the whole submarine scenario would take care of the flying issue...) so yeah. definitely a submarine.

amanda said...

Now that's a tricky one. See, when I was young I planned to become an astronaut, so I could go up in space, get frozen in time, be rescued, and come back to earth at just the right time to marry Buck Rogers. However, I have bow realised he is not my ideal man after all, so I'll go for the submarine, because the rules don't state I can't get off and have a swim once in a while. Or pop out to the shops.

su said...

I protest too much.... the question asks the "rest of your life" No scuba!

jen said...

OR...does it mean submarine SANDWICH? I mean, that would cause everyone to rethink their answer...Not me, of course. I really also like Mayo. On top AND underneath.

Khurston said...

I'm torn here. I've never been on a space station, but I have been on a submarine (decomissioned, as a tourist) and i bonked my head a lot. But I also think there's probably a lot more 'useable' space on a sub than a space station. will there be space stations as big as the USS Lionfish? and how high will the ceiling be? there's something to be said for looking out the window and not seeing nothing (AUGH -double negative!), but if it means i'm gonna bonk my head every time i go through a doorway, then i probably say space station.

Jen said...

Space station.
However some say I am already there.

Anonymous said...

Not enuff information. If the sub is submerged deep enough, the inhabitants wouldn't be able to see anything; if the space station is in a black hole, ditto. If the structures are resting on mother earth ground, they are equal. Assuming the 'structures' were in their respective elements and had reasonable views, and were both equipped like a Saudi Oil Sheik's yacht, I would choose the space station -- Ya weight less.


EGE said...

I like the cut of your jib, HPH. Who are you?

beardonaut said...

By the way. It's -naut, as in astro, but with beard instead of space.

EGE said...

Ooohhhh. And all this time I thought it was Donut with a Bear. And an a.

Huh. Beardonaut. I think I like it. I think I'll start calling people something-onauts.