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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Moral of the Story Is...

Police Chiefs should not be handing out titty cakes at birthday parties!

Boorish, perhaps, but not something I think really merits taking away his gun and badge. I mean, what? He was going to shoot the titty cake? Arrest the titty cake? Slap the titty cake around a bit? Deny the titty cake its Miranda rights? Abuse his power on the titty cake? Eat a donut in front of it? Lewdly?

Or maybe, since the article does not specifically say "titty cake" -- it specifically says "sexually explicit cake" -- maybe it was a pee-pee cake! Slapping and abusing and shooting off a pee-pee cake would, I suppose, be much more offensive.

No wonder Mayor Sue Kay didn't want to comment on what Weymouth Police Chief James (Jim) Thomas had been suspended for. This is, after all, a multi-layered tale, we wouldn't want it to fall into the wrong hands. He is a decorated officer, after all, and there are several moist eyes at city hall today. Captain Brian Callahan better not be snickering.

What? He is!? Aw, man.

That f*cker really frosts me.


soupie said...

really? they suspended him for titty a cake? i've worked several jobs where i was the only female employee. teasing of this nature was their way of letting you know you were considered "one of the boys." no one ever put their hands on me, and i gave as good as i got. makes me wonder who they're hiring to the police force - a job where a "thin skin" is definitely not an asset.

pork luck said...

i like posts that include the words titty and pee pee.

EGE said...

Soup -- yeah. They're probably sleeping together. Or were.

Pork -- Hee hee. You said pee-pee.