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Monday, July 21, 2008

Undifferentiated Anxiety

This is what One Friend and I call it when you have an unwarranted nervous/guilty feeling in your stomach. It doesn’t count it you’ve done something to deserve it, like throw up all over your bridesmaid’s dress at your brother’s wedding, and it doesn’t count if you’re about to embark on something frightening, like work. It has to be just out of the blue, for no reason, hence the name.

I’ve got it right now, something fierce. And the only cure I’ve ever found is exercise. So I can’t write this morning, I just can’t. I have to go climb nonexistent sets of stairs and fling ten-pound weights around, then keep sitting up and lying down until the fight-or-flight feeling fades. If I don’t, I’m afraid I’ll wind up with an Undifferentiated Ulcer.

And that would be even more boring to have to read about than this.

P.S. Do not type “ulcer” into Google and click “images.” I’m telling you: do not.


soup said...

i read an article on aol this morning about this very topic:

"Ultimately, exercise distracts you from a negative mindset, worry and anxiety. After your workout, you are more likely to use your energy to find a positive solution instead of sending that email you will later regret."

basically the "expert" is saying you're already using the perfect solution. yay ege!

su said...


amanda said...

Hmm. Exercise. I've heard of that. Although I've always used alcohol in the past to dispel that feeling.

EGE said...

Oh, yes, well, alcohol works, too. But I'm not so end-stage that I'm confortable resorting to that at 6:00 a.m. -- especially on a day that I have to go to work. I aspire to that, however. Though I suppose, at that point, what the hell will I have to get anxious about?

jen said...

I hope YOU are feeling better. Now Im just anxious by association. (im a worrier. Dont tread on me!)