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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Let's Play the Would-You-Rather Game!

The game is really called Zobmondo, and you can buy it here. That way, we can think of this as free advertising and not copyright infringement!

The way it works is, there are cards with all these two-choice questions on them. They're divided into categories: Pain/Fear/Discomfort, Appearance/Embarrassment, Food Ingestion, Ethics/Intellect, and Random. I'll ask a question every Wednesday, sometimes more than one if the one that comes up isn't interesting, and then I'll leave some space before I answer it so I don't, you know, unduly influence your response or anything.

The Ethics/Intellect ones are my favorites, but the food ones used to make my sister sick -- especially when she was pregnant -- so I'll give you a heads up before I ask one of those. The only rule is that if you're going to play you have to choose: you're not allowed to say "neither" or come up with a third option.

Actually, in the box there are more rules. In the box, they've come up with a convoluted way to turn this into an actual game where somebody wins. But that's no fun. I bought it to use as a conversation starter. Usually after a few drinks. And usually around a campfire. So...

Gather round!

The category is Pain/Fear/Discomfort:

Would you rather: go to sleep on the cold floor - OR - on a comfortable mattress with no sheets and an indistinguishable, sticky stain on it?


Okay, first of all, we have to assume you're not allowed to flip the mattress, because that is the most obvious answer -- right? So I guess what I would rather do would be to sleep on the floor than on somebody else's sticky stain. Because the floor would keep me awake with its hard-coldness, but I wouldn't be able to sleep on the stain for all the whispering. In my head. About the goo.

But I know that what I would do would be different.

What I would do would be to try to sleep on the floor, and then, after hours of bruised hips and sleep deprivation (unless I was drunk, in which case zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz), I'd decide it was maybe only honey -- you know, from all the bees? -- and crawl up on top of the fetid thing.

But I wouldn't taste it.


Happy Would-You-Rather Wednesday, everybody! What would you rather do?


Khurston said...

OH this one's easy. i would never let the mattress touch my skin by sleeping in my clothes. and socks on my hands. and maybe a hat - no, a pillowcase on my head. and maybe some weird sleep position to try and avoid the yucky. and then i'd probably burn the clothes. or at least wash them.
but chris can sleep on the floor.

Ethan@OneProjectCloser said...

I'd take the cold floor. I'm weirded out by sleeping in strange mattresses to start (without strange stains).

@Khurston, Good thought but what if it seeps through the clothes while your sleeping!

Charlie said...

Hmmm - so since the cold floor choice had nothing saying that sheets/blankets were not allowed, I am going to assume that they are allowed on the cold I choose the cold floor, having nothing to do with the sticky stain or other disgusting choices. I MUST HAVE SHEETS!!!!!!!!!
How? How? How do you keep the boogie man off you with no sheets?????
If I can't have sheets on the floor either then I guess I will still choose the floor because...stain = ick!

Jenni said...

I once had to go to South FL. for work a couple months after a hurricane. There were only 3 hotels in the area open and they stayed booked. The hotel that our travel nazi booked was beyond GRO-dee. The cold floor was worse than the nasty mattress. I did sleep in my cloths and wore flip flops in the shower. And booked a room 30 miles away for the rest of the trip. So, since the mattress is nasty chances are high the floor is even more nasty. I would try to get some sleep in my clothes on the mattress with a hat on my head, flat on my back, avoiding the stained area. No moving allowed.

This whole post is making me itchy.
Signing off to take a shower,now.

Sparkle Plenty said...

I dig this game and this is sure a tough one! Cold floor. Cold floor all the way.

J Auclair said...

Cold floor, no question.

cake said...

The floor, the floor, oh god, the floor!

pork luck said...

how big is the stain?

I stayed in a hotel in Honduras for 2 dollars a night. Stains on the floor, bed, toilet...

cold floor for me

su said...

Ok could I have someone sleep with me? If so I choose the mattress.

EGE said...

Wow! We seem to have an overwhelming majority of floor-sleepers reading this blog. Oddly enough, the only two who chose the mattress are related to me and coming to my 4th of July party tomorrow. I think they're just trying to get their dibs in!

Welcome, ethan@oneprojectcloser! Or is it welcome back? Have I seen you here before? Or was it just someone who looked like you? Well, either way -- Welcome!

theotherbear said...

Cold floor for sure.
Although the trick about sleeping in your clothes on the mattress was a clever one I hadn't thought of till I read the other comments. Maybe I could take a fabulous man with me, have him sleep on the mattress, and sleep on him.