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Monday, July 28, 2008

It Took So Long To Break It

In honor of Random Memory Monday, I present a reminiscence from a whopping 24 hours ago. Hey, I'm getting older: I've got to catch these things before they slip away...

One Friend was up here for a little birthdaying this weekend. My birthday, her dime, because she loves me just that much. Ain’t she a peach? Seriously, I sometimes weep for how unworthy I am of the good friends I have. (Of course, at other times I weep for how unworthy I am of the bad bastards that otherwise surround me, but that’s a therapy session for another time.)

One Friend took me for sushi on Friday night (Johnny thinks sushi’s a dirty whore, so he didn’t join us), and I got carded when I ordered my Sapporo Extra Dry! Happy Birthday to me! I thought the waitress might see my cumpleaƱos on the card there and comp me my cerveza, but that puta no lo hecho (I don’t speak a word of Japanese that isn’t on the sushi menu, so forgive me if I make do with what’s left of my EspaƱol).

Being mistaken for 20 on my 39th birthday could very well have been the highlight of my weekend, but then One Friend surprised me with a Saturday morning trip to the Harbor Islands. And when I say “surprised,” I mean: she blindfolded me, put me in the back seat of her car, and drove the thousand or so yards from my house over the bridge to the dock from where you catch the boat.

Seriously, I can just about hit the Harbor Boat dock with a rock thrown from the AssVac’s door. And yet, when I took off my blindfold, I had no freakin’ idea where we were. “Are we getting on a train?” I asked my One Friend. Yes, Erin. Because trains always come in over the water, and they always make big foghorn noises when they do. Doy.

The Harbor Islands were the Best Day Trip Ever. Did you know there’s this big medieval-looking fortress on an island in Boston Harbor that reminds Johnny and I of this castle we climbed that time we were in Ghent? I just googled it – the castle, I mean – and I looked in Wikipedia, but neither of us are sure, exactly, which castle we saw. I think it was this one, but Johnny says it wasn't on the water. Anyway, we do know that it was definitely Ghent. As in Belgium. And this star-shaped fortress-thing I'm talking about that we saw this weekend was definitely in Boston Harbor – as in Massachusetts. As in U.S.A. So I thought that was pretty freakin’ cool. It’s called Ft. Warren (although to be honest I had to google that to know for sure): the signs say the fort itself was George Washington’s idea, and Abe Lincoln ordered Confederate prisoners held there during the Civil war!


Then we went to this other island and climbed a hill made of garbage and tunnel guts. At the top Johnny and I had a little disagreement over which direction was due east. While we were, erm, discussing the finer points of the compass and the map, One Friend pretended an immediate need to see what was written on a distant sign, so that she could sidle away from the hot and mildly angry couple – who in turn realized they were making asses of themselves and followed her across the grass. Turns out the sign she was looking at said that due east is over there. Which meant we were both wrong, which I know will shock and awe you all.

While we hiked back down the island, Johnny threw his knee out. It popped back in again, but we decided that was a sign we ought to go home and have a cookout in the yard. This was a big success, despite the fact that the food part was a proper bust.

First of all, the gas grill was still all warped and melty from the chicken-wrangling fiasco, so we had to bring the charcoal one up from the cellar. It turned out we hadn’t cleaned that wee thing since last time we used it, which (we think) was sometime in 2005. Then One Friend and I got stuck at the grocery store with the Dumbest Cashier in the Universe, who froze up in confusion when he saw the beer, but then had the nerve to say “No, you look more than old enough” when we offered our IDs.

The corn we bought (and stole) turned out to be ultra-yackalicious, and the cajun spice we tossed the shrimp in had altogether too much salt. I’ll bam you, Mr. Lagasse! It would have tasted better if we’d flavored it with earwig poo. Ooh, and speaking of earwig poo, you should have seen the army of pinchy fuckers I found in the cooler when I went to fill it up with beer! Or on second thought, you shouldn't have. Seen them, that is. Because then you would be scarred for life like I was. Earwigs. Yeesh.

Despite the fact the food was crap, though, we had a fabu time. One Friend doesn’t drink, so she watched Johnny and I get toasted and then she reminisced with Johnny about their competitive swimming days (they didn’t swim together, of course, but it’s water: you flap your arms and blow some bubbles; how different can it be?).

At some point in the evening, I thought I heard the phone ring in the living room. I ran, but didn’t get to it in time, so I brought it outside with me in case whoever it was tried to call again. It never did ring again, though, and now I’m pretty sure it never will. Because after eight hours and nine beers, I forgot to bring it back in when we went to bed.

And then it rained.

It rained. A lot.

So, to anyone who’s ever called us: consider yourselves warned. It’s possible that we don’t have your numbers. There’s a slight chance that, for some of you, we’ve been making do with flipping through our caller ID cache every time we’ve wanted to be in touch. And it’s a sad fact that the cache has now gone the way of pastry in Macarthur Park .

What I’m trying to say is: there’s an ever-so-remote chance you'll never hear from us again unless you call us first. So call us! Everyone we’ve ever known!


Call us?



Anonymous said...

This is a bit late but I dindn't see your post until now.

Glad you liked the Tang comment. Just wanted to let you know that I didn't actually Google "Townville." I just referred to it as such copying your nickname. The Wikki entry for Weymouth lists Tang manufacturing, so you just might have to hunt down the factory. Just think about how clean your dishwasher could be!


EGE said...

Ooohhh, I get it nowww... And I didn't know that! Now I AM going to have to look it up and go find the Tang factory. Maybe they have tours and free samples!

jen said...

BH also used to swim competatively. WHich I believe I spelled really wrong, but am too lazy to really check. Anyhoodle. They swam. Not together of course. And the reference to the chicken made me laugh all over again. And, Im glad One Friend made your birthday swell. And, also too: I would totally call you, but I only text now that I have a super cool new phone that rocks. Well. That, and Ive not your number. Tell Johnny that I totally still heart him big time.

amanda said...

On Sunday I washed my sheets. After they were done I discovered the reason why you shouldn't talk on the phone late at night in bed - the cordless phone will get tangled up in the sheets, and will not be happy after being thrown in the washing machine with said sheets. So I feel your pain.

beardonaut said...

Your life is like...not a sit-com, but some sort of TV show where awkward moments are legion and you're not really sure if you laugh with the characters or at them. And I mean that in the best possible way.

EGE said...

Jen -- Someday in the magic future, One Friend (5'11") and BH (6'2") and Johnny (5'3" "and a half!") will have an imaginary race -- and the winner gets a Very Special Chicken!

Amanda -- Oooh, man. That's worse, I think. Yes, definitely worse. Because you were sober!

Beardonaut -- Taken in the best possible way, thank you! I never thought about it, but you're right. It's kind of like The Office, and I'm the girl who keeps making faces at the camera.