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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

¡Uy, Mi Cabeza!

When I inaugurated Would You Rather Wednesdays, it was not my intent to declare winners at all. The goal was merely to ponder oddball questions and implement discussions on same. However, as no decent debater would ever fess to: I know when I'm beat. And last week, we all were.

As you may recall, last week’s choice was between getting stood up for your prom or taking the date of your dreams and having them leave with someone else. The general consensus, with one or two exceptions, was that we would rather be stood up, but the winning answer came from my cousin Donna. I always thought she was so cool anyway when I was little, but if I’d known this I might have gone ahead and just decided to be her. Here’s what she said:

How's this. Both of my senior prom dates wore blue tuxes (1978). I had a date for the prom and one after the prom. And oh yeah, date at the prom took off with someone else. He was my old boyfriend. My new BF had a date that already bought a dress and I wouldn't let him officially "dump" her until after she got to wear the dress. But would I rather be stood up? No WAY! Being abandoned at the prom wasn't so bad, I got to socialize with more people I think.

Not only did she have two dates, but she managed to make that sound like a nice thing, and get sympathy for having one of them take off.


I don’t know if there’ll be a winner this go-round or not, but we are off (like a proverbial prom dress). Just to remind you, the game is really called Zobmondo, you can buy it here, and the only rule is that if you're going to play you have to choose: you're not allowed to say "neither" or come up with a third option.

Got it? Okay. Gather 'round…

The category is Food Ingestion, so the squeamish among you may wish to recuse (although, as Food Ingestion questions go, this one is not so bad)…

Would you rather suck down a 64-ounce frozen drink in 60 seconds – OR – eat the icing off two enormous wedding cakes?

Okay, here’s a story for you:

When I was fifteen years old (sixteen? I don’t remember) I did an exchange-student program thingy and spent a month (six weeks? two? I don’t remember) in Granada, Spain. While we were on the plane on our way over, our poor faculty chaperone’s older brother died, so pretty much as soon as we landed she got on another plane and went back home. Leaving us, a bunch of sixteen-year-old girls (and one not-so-lucky boy) alone for a day or so till her replacement came.

Did you know there is no drinking age in Spain?

That first day, actually, we didn’t do so bad. We were still intimidated by the strange money and the stranger language (a language which, incidentally, we'd all been studying for seven years, but those people don't pronounce their s's! Who ever heard of dropping a perfectly good consonant for no apparent reason? Weihd.). We did, of course, go immediately to a bar and order a cerveza, but then we pretty much just giggled and ran back to the hotel.

Her replacement, though, was a fresh-out-of-college 21-year-old, whose only response thus far to us acting up in class had been to say “You guys. Come on.” She had no idea how to rein us in on foreign soil. And when we discovered that not only could we order cervezas in corner bars, but could also buy Bacardi off of supermarket shelves, there was no stopping us.

Unfortunately, we were still sixteen years old. An age when “no stopping” and “Bacardi” ends in broken toilet seats and puke stains on hotel floors. ("What is that awful stain?" asked our Dozy Chaperone, and shook her head when we refused to answer. That was the extent of her disciplinary act.)

So the point is, I don’t know if I could or not, but I would much rather suck down the frozen drink. Because I like frosting (which is what that sugary stuff on cakes is really called, no matter what the printed game-card says). I like frosting a lot. And I don’t know what might happen if I ate two wedding-cakes worth.

But I do know I haven’t been able to enjoy a rum drink in twenty years.

You’re up: What would you rather do?


Chris said...

I think I will have to go with the sugar coma that would come after I ate 2 weeding cakes worth of frosting. A sugar coma would not hurt as much as the Super Mega Monster brain freeze you would get from downing that much frozen goodness that quickly

su said...

My instant first thought was frosting of course. You all know that I buy good Wedding Gifts so I can take the whole wedding cake home from weddings. But then I thought about Ege's revulsion for rum and thought what if I should then hate wedding cake forever. Becomes a conundrum. But I do know how the brain freeze will feel and it is not fun.. So I guess I am with Chris and will have to go for the sugar coma.

Khurston said...

I gotta go with the brain freeze. It will be the worst minute of my life, but it's over in a minute. (Isn't it? I've never had one, maybe that's why I'm choosing it) I couldn't survive a wedding with a frosting aversion.

HPH said...

Is either possible? I think I would have better results with the frozen drink (64 oz!) because to get that much down in under 60 seconds, it would not have time to freeze the top of my mouth, which causes the brain freeze sensation. Besides, since there is no time frame on the cake frosting, I would have little dried bits of white (wedding cake - right) stuff around my mouth and under my nose and you know what my mother would think about that!

EGE said...

Ooh, HPH (welcome, by the way!) -- I hadn't noticed about the no time frame on the cake frosting! I could scrape it all off and put it in the freezer and snack on it for months! I wouldn't have to eat it all and puke!

Here are a few more exclamation points, in honor of your loophole-finding brio !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, but wait. You still chose brain freeze, didn't you? Ah well. Have some more, anyway:


soup said...

i read the choices and didn't even hesitate: icing all the way. (i don't think we use the word "frosting" in canadia.) i am very prone to brain-freeze, and i don't enjoy it. a couple of sips and i would be smacking my forehead, praying for death.

soup said...

oh... and about the spanish thing. did you ever notice how the south american "z" morphs into a spanish "th"? cerveza turns into cervetha once you cross an ocean. interesting.

EGE said...

Yup! S's too -- the ones they bother to pronounce, that is. To this day, I have to stop myself from saying "Andaluthia" and sounding like a poseur with a lisp.

Dick Small said...

My favorite rum drink is Rum and Coke with lime. Easy on the ice (if you don't specify "easy on the ice", they'll fill your glass with ice). I had 2 prom dates also, but at the same time. Melissa and Dorita. Dorita was the fun one.

EGE said...

Welcome, Dick Small! I'm totally with you on the ice. But would you rather freeze your head or eat too much frosting?

jen said...

I hate frosting. Blech. Especially wedding cake frosting. Double blech. BUT I LOVE ME SOME FROZEN DRINKS! We're talking slurpees, right? I don't do alcohol in frozen form.
AND, on a different note...I kinda want to kiss soup for saying "canadia" Because that's how I choose to say it. I like it better that way.

amanda said...

Oh, the drink, for sure. Especially if it was a frozen alcoholic drink. (Hey, I am an Aussie, that's how we roll...)