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Friday, July 25, 2008

Update on the Weymouth Police Chief James Thomas Situation

It was a pee-pee cake!

So, okay, that's a little worse than a titty cake. Still, though, I don't think it ought to be a firing offense. Unless it was uncircumcised, in which case...

Off with his head!

Oh man, I'm sorry. I've still got a fuzzy loaf this afternoon from all the birthdaying last night. And yesterday afternoon. And a little bit this morning.


Sparkle Plenty said...

CRAP! I'm behind and I've MISSED SO MUCH!

1) HAPPY BIRTHDAY (LATE), EGE-IE! My guess (without googling) was that all of those gals depicted are goddesses of some sort. Definitely true of the gal in the photo booth shot! Hope this is the best year EVAH.
2) A FRICKIN' PEE-PEE CAKE!!!!! Gadfrickinzooks.

EGE said...

THANKS SPARKLE!!! In case you haven't figured it out yet, we all share a birthday. And in case you didn't recognize them all, they were: Amelia Earhart, Bella Abzug, Zelda Fitzgerald, Lynda Carter (der), some Madonna Wannabe, Ruth Buzzi and Kristen Chenoweth. An auspicious bunch, don't you think? I'm proud to be a member of that club!

(Unfortunately, somebody left the door open one day and Jennifer Lopez snuck her ass in, but I left it off the list because I refuse to recognize it as a member in good standing.)

pork luck said...

AND MY MOM! You also share a birthday with my mom. I figured you didnt include her picture because she didnt vanish in the bermuda triangle.

hehehehehee.. "off with his head!" hehehehehehehehehehehehhahahahhahhahaHHAAAAHhahahahheheheheh

DonnaStaf said...

oh come on; maybe it was one of the D**k's birthday fer chrissakes. You folks on the eastern part of the state are so stuffy...

soup said...

::shrugs:: i'd rather have a pee-pee cake than a titty cake.

d'oh! i think i've figured it out why it was a firing offence! maybe he brought her one of those rectangular slab cakes where you can get a photo screened onto the icing? and he used it to create a personal happy birthday wish? [insert police chief pee-pee jokes here.]

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